About Jellop Early Adopters

You're a curious one, aren't you? An adventurous soul, a seeker of innovation, a believer in the future - a true early adopter. We know what makes you tick. After all, we're proud Early Adopters ourselves. But sifting through the abundance of new technologies and inventions to try to figure out what'll be the Next Big Thing can be hard. That's why we created Jellop Early Adopters - to help early adopters like you find the best innovations out there.
We're a marketplace that brings together pioneering creators with their next biggest fans, and we’re on a mission to take the risk out of the process while keeping excitement a huge part of it. That's why all of our products are rigorously reviewed and hand-picked to ensure that promises are kept and you get the unique and clever products of your dreams. It’s the thrill of taking that leap of faith, with all the confidence of a bridge. So go on, take the jump.

Jellop Early Adopters is a project by Jellop, the driving power behind the best Kickstarter projects for the past four years.